Our Brand Story


We are Brenda Aurora

We strive to design and create beautiful quality jewelry for everyday moments. 

Woman from all walks of life has inspired us to create jewelry that everyone is able to own and feel beautiful in. Minus the Facade. Minus the traditional mark ups.


Confidence is contagious and we aim to create it for all woman and some beloved men. Purchasing your first heirloom from your first paycheck to the bracelet for your anniversary date. Every Brenda Aurora piece is a story waiting to be shared. 




Innovation and creativity at the heart of every stage, all design is kept in-house. Our design is sparked through an insight, inspiration, cultural exchange, or personal experience.

Spectrum of timeless, trendy jewelry and unique Brenda Aurora pieces of unparalleled quality, style and value that make a clear and sophisticated statement about the wearer.





Through collaboration with you and our community of #BrendaAuroraMuse.

Brenda Aurora wish to leave a positive impact on the world and make it a better place for everywhere




Quality Jewelry Minus the Mark Up 


We do things differently. To make luxury accessible, we eliminate the middle(wo)men, and delivers designs a woman needs at the best prices. By building relationships with the best manufacturers and selling our pieces directly to you. We remove any unnecessary costs. Say good bye to traditional jewelry industry markups.